Our History

Colteryahn Dairy is the oldest dairy in Pittsburgh steeped in a long, rich history from the 1870's when the founder, William Colteryahn arrived in Pittsburgh with his family from Hamburg, Germany. At the time the dairy was established in 1893, milk was being received from farmers by train and was distributed over the area in large containers on wagons. Housewives would come to the wagon with their kettles and pans to purchase the milk.
In 1917, William's son, Carl opened the Colteryahn Dairy on its present site on Brownsville Road in Carrick, Pennsylvania. For many years, home delivery was the main business activity. As Divco milk trucks replaced the horse and wagon, the business quickly expanded to selling fresh milk to retail markets while continuing to deliver to homes throughout the area.

In the 1960's, Carl Jr. had the foresight to enter into the convenience store business as the consumer demand for quick trip convenience purchases began. In 1962, through the franchise arrangement with Stop-N-Go Food Stores, the first convenience store was opened on South Park Road in Bethel Park, and remains open today. In 1984, the Stop-N-Go franchise was dropped and the 97 stores were changed to a Colteryahn Dairy franchise operation aptly named Co-Go's. Colteryahn Dairy continues to be he parent company of the successful Co-Go's convenience store chain.

With forward thinking and planning, Carl Jr. and Carl III completed a three year, five million dollar plant and cooler expansion project in 1998. This state-of-the-art facility was featured as the 1998 Plant of the Year by Dairy Foods Magazine in the 2001 issue. This expansion continues to position Colteryahn Dairy as a formidable competitor with any dairy in the Eastern United States. In 2003, because of the Colteryahn families strong commitment to community and expansion, the City of Pittsburgh issued a Proclamation and declared June 20 Colteryahn Dairy Day.

At Colteryahn Dairy, we attribute the success we enjoy today as a result of the hard work and efforts of so many loyal employees and Colteryahn family members throughout our history. Without their efforts, we would not be the oldest dairy remaining in Pittsburgh. The fact that Colteryahn Dairy is the only surviving dairy in Pittsburgh is a testament to the dedication of many and the loyalty of our consumers. To those loyal friends we offer say Thank You!