At Colteryahn Dairy, we have the unique ability to produce products to your specifications. Contract packaging is an important part of our business and an ever growing segment of the Company's regional growth. We have the capabilities to meet your private label packaging needs with a proven quality record.

In the last 10 years, Colteryahn Dairy has updated and increased the size and quality of our manufacturing facilities. This growth has allowed us the opportunity to increase our processing capacity. In addition to adding to our own product line, we have significantly expanded our ability to service clients that wish to do contract packaging using Colteryahn's facilities.

Colteryahn's sate-of-the-art blending, filling systems, and air filtration systems assure consistency and minimize waste. Our in-house laboratory can provide product performance results and analysis on every batch of your product.

We are audited by the F.D.A., U.S.D.A., Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and the Orthodox Union.

We are third party audited by nationally recognized Randolph Associates, and continue to achieve top ratings.

For more information about contract packaging, please call our sales department at 412-881-1408 or email us at